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Our funding source is the largest global independent funder of receivables, funding over $9 billion of receivables to more than 7,000 businesses.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of this funding source founded in 1807, we have over 200 years of experience working in foreign markets. Today, this group operates businesses in 14 countries with over $1 billion on assets.

No other U.S. based receivables funder can match the size of this network or our capabilities with export receivables, funding and management. Our global financial services can support your business with receivables funding solutions that grow with you.

For exporters we can credit check new foreign customers for you worldwide usually within 48 hours. We have multilingual personnel in place to communicate effectively overseas, and we can also utilize our international offices to further support these transactions. With bank accounts available around the world, we also make it easier for customers to pay, alleviating the delays and charges associated with receiving funds internationally.

Accounts receivable funding is the selling of interest in your invoices or receivables to a private investor, or funding source, at a small discount. International Accounts Receivable funding provides over $200 Billion dollars to the Industry each year. In fact, International factoring is a two centuries old financial service used by multi-billion dollar corporations like our Funding Source that has been working World Wide in this industry for 202 years! It is now available to smaller sized businesses, to whom banks are usually Reluctant to lend funds. Receivables financing fills a tremendous void.

The Invoices to your customers for goods delivered or services rendered can be converted into a "Credit Line" from which you may draw cash to better Manage your business. Draw only as much as you need and pay only for what you use. Advance funding is a tool that you can use to:

Let the funding source handle the collection process!

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We at GlobalQuick CAPITAL believe in giving back to help in this world! A portion of the profits from our earnings will be given to: Heart Research, Arthritis Research, Endangered Animal Species, and Rain Forest Preservation.