Attorney Disbursement Advantages

Protect Your Firm's Cash Flow with Attorney Disbursement Advantages

If you are like many attorneys and firms, you may have tens of thousands ( or millions ) of dollars tied up in case costs and case Disbursements, our Funding Source Attorney Disbursement product can transform your case costs and case disbursements into working Capital.

There is now NO reason for a law firm to advance their firm's or Personal funds to pay for upfront case costs and case disbursements.

Use our money instead of yours!

Take the stress out of waiting for settlement or resolution of your cases. Using Funding Source case cost funding and disbursement funding will result in more cases, better service to clients, and more profits for your firm, with more comfort and less worry.

Attorney Benefits

Increase Cash Flow

By advancing money to your firm for case-specific litigation expenses And disbursements, we can help you continue to litigate without stretching your firm's financial resources.

Reduce Case Financial Risk

Our non-recourse, case-specific fundings allow us to cover the case Expenses, as well as the financial risk. Should a case conclude unsuccessfully, neither you nor your plaintiff will be responsible for Repayment of the case's disbursement advance.

Maximize Case Value

Every lawyer knows that trial can be prohibitively expensive. With our Funding Source cash advance, you can hire experts freely, enabling you to firm up liability and maximize case value.

Privacy Policy & Security

Apply online for a free no obligation quote: Response in 24 to 48 hours in most cases. Our funding sources will be happy to answer all your questions at that time!

We are proud members of the cash flow/growing wealth industry.

We are a

We at GlobalQuick CAPITAL believe in giving back to help in this world! A portion of the profits from our earnings will be given to: Heart Research, Arthritis Research, Endangered Animal Species, and Rain Forest Preservation.